Strength and Conditioning for Health and Rehabilitation


Regimented – Structured – Functional – Effective. Military Style & Circuit based PT Training for Your Physical & Mental Wellbeing. All fitness levels & abilities. Our PT programs are designed to challenge you but not destroy you. No ego’s allowed. All PT is conducted in a safe & controlled environment.

Rehab Specific Session

Less intensive, focused around individual mobility functions and movements whilst creating a fitness focus mindset.

Roll Call PT

Need eyes on you at all times so you can achieve those personal goals?

All fitness levels will feel the intensity of the one on one session personalised to your level. Covering all modalities of fitness (strength, endurance, flexibility).

Gents & Mates

Bring along your best mate whether that’s your dad, brother, son or a friend to learn from a veteran with over 20 years experience in the Australian Defence Force.

These sessions will focus on providing a supportive & encouraging session for males willing to accept the challenge! Groups capped at 15 for maximum involvement & participation.

Military Style Group Fitness

Combining various aspects of military Pt training in a structured and controlled Pt circuit. Whilst focusing on team work & leadership aspects. In a physically demanding environment that will test both your physical & mental wellbeing.

Expect to leave feeling accomplished & motivated đź’Ş
*Min. of 5 people



To Inspire, Encourage, Motivate & Promote Health & PT. And to Re-Enforce the positive effects of Exercise on the Mind, Body & Spirit.


Why we do it.

To facilitate PT on a Weekly basis. By Incorporating New & Innovative PT classes. As well as Military Basic PT & Core Specific Exercises that will Refocus & Reset your mind.



To give members the reason why we do PT. To be accountable. To accept the challenge. To live with conviction & purpose. To evolve and adapt to any situation outside of your control.

Olly Kaese PT Weekly Class Schedule

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  • Rehab Specific: Less Intensive. Focused around Individual mobility functions & movements whilst creating a fitness focus mindset.
  • Roll Call PT-One On One: A great One On One Session where you will be guided & coached. All about learning different intensity levels to ensure you achieve your set goals.
  • Military PT Group Fitness: Combining various aspects of Military Training. Including Team Work, Endurance & Will to Win. Expect a Challenging Session but leave feeling a sense of accomplishment.
  • Box Fit / Core: Box Fit Session: Aim to elevate your heart rate in an interval style training. Whilst incorperating some challenging body weight movements & core strength exercises.
  • Group Fitness Activity: A fun & interactive Fitness Session. Where the focus is on Team Dynamics, enjoying the surroundings & the people that your with. A task focused activity. Full De-brief on completion.
  • Home Base PT Sessions: @ My Home Garage Location
  • Park PT (Various) Loc.: @ Pt Carwright, Mooloolaba Spit-(Parkyn Parade-M’loolaba). @Cotton Tree Park-front of cotton tree pool, Kawana Surf Club-front of club house. @Xperience HQ Twin Waters
  • PT Session Duration: 1 hour – 1.5 hours
  • Home Based PT: You will be texted the location/address
  • Park Sessions: Park Session PT will at various Locations- Check PT Schedule for weekly SITREPS or Changes.

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About Olly Kaese PT

About Olly Kaese PT

Olly Kaese PT is a Veteran with over 25 years of service in the Australian Defence Force. With 15 Years as a Physical Training Instructor. Olly has served previously on numerous RAN Warships & Land Base Units as PTI Instructor. Spending half of his Navy Career at Sea. And he knows the importance of daily structured PT. And the positive effects of exercise on the mind & body.

He Specializes in Strength & Conditioning PT. Based on Military Principles & Hard Work. He also assist members who required additional Rehabilitation Exercises for current or pre-existing injuries.


Health and Physical Activity has always been part of Olly’s life & career ever since he could remember.  The positive effects of physical activity on the mind & body has a direct link between how we choose to navigate through life & its challenges.  Having joined the Navy in 1995 as a 19 year old.  Then serving on numerous RAN Warships.  The first being HMAS Brisbane (DDG 41) as a Gunnery rate & then Patrol Boats.  He than transferred to a PTI Instructor in 2003. On completion of course Olly was posted to numerous land base units than he took on a numerous sea posting onboard HMAS Ships (FFG) Melbourne & Newcastle & Adelaide  Where his primary role was to facilitate group pt sessions, conduct fitness testing & coordinate Sport & Adventure Training for all Ships Company members whilst alongside or on over sea’s deployments around the world. The highlight of which was working with various US Warships & Coalition Forces to implement friendly sporting competitions between different Nations. The aim being to promote moral within each unit. To alleviate boredom, to re-set the mind, with a little friendly competition.  Whilst maintaining focus on the tasks ahead. 

Olly prides himself on good communication skills, proper instructional techniques and a positive mindset. To ensure that each candidate is challenged physically in a control environment in order to achieve their specific level of fitness whilst re-enforcing good habits & proper form & technique. It's about changing your Mindset & implementing good daily Pt habits.

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What They Say About Olly Kaese PT

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Afford this?

Single Session Drop In $18. (However please confirm booking online) Final numbers etc.

What happens if it is wet?

We will advise you ASAP of class cancellation. Or update with an alternate venue if possible.

Do I need to buy any equipment?

No, I will provide all the equipment. However, I do suggest that you bring with you your own towel/ water bottle filled with water. And appropriated runners/sneakers & PT clothing. If you want to bring your own gym mats. That’s perfectly fine too.

I cover all Modalities of fitness (Strength, Endurance, Cardio) that will suit all fitness levels. Each PT session will commence with a thorough warm-up, brief & explanation of each exercise. Including the direction & flow. All exercises will have a scale down version to cater for various limitations for maximum participation.

What if I can’t make it to a session?

Just notify me prior to a session. So I can cater for final numbers. I will then notify you & discuss your options & plans so we can help you manage your Pt program adequately. No issues at all.

Am I locked into a contract?


You are not locked into any contract. You pay for the challenge block of 6 weeks and once finished decide if you want to continue with the next challenge. All payments are to be made by Direct debit. All Pt sessions & classes are prebooked via email or text.

What if I get sick or go on holiday? Do I still get charged?

As long as there is enough notice given at the start of the block that you are going away we can make arrangements so you will not be charged. If you are sick during the challenge there are makeup sessions available within that block period.

I haven’t exercised in a while and feel really unfit. Can I still do this?

Yes, initially we will conduct an assessment & then an Intro to PT adaptation phase (week 1). Through a variety of exercise Stimulus. To ensure you are able to carry out all the functional exercises required with correct form & ease of effort. And that everything is in good working order. Through Progressive overload system. So ‘NO’ you won’t be doing a 5KM pack march for time on your first day.

What are your qualifications? Are you insured?

Yes, I am fully insured. And my qualifications include;

ABN 73 137 443 804

  • AustActive Registered Personal Trainer
  • Group Fitness Bootcamp/Kettlebell/ Boxing Instructor
  • Certificate III in Fitness 2014
  • Certificate III Outdoor Education
  • Certificate IV Frontline Management
  • Diploma Fitness 2016
  • First Aid Certificate / Resus/ CPR
  • Senior First Aid Certificate
  • Positive Blue Card